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Re: excludearch trackers?

Bill, thx for bringing this up to the list; that makes initial
discussion IMHO much easier then in the meeting (we can find the final
decision in a meeting later)

On 27.06.2007 19:44, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> I've got a package in EPEL that I have to ExcludeArch (gnucash, EPEL4,
> x86_64). While my reason isn't the normal reason for doing it (see
> bug #203761), I was wondering - do we want separate ExcludeArch tracking
> bugs for EPEL, or should we just piggyback on the Fedora ones?

Well, first of: we IMHO should get rid of the trackers in general and
let some scripts or koji auto-generate a list or bugs (or something like

I'm fine with creating a EPEL ExcludeArch tracking bugs or go with none
at all; but we IMHO should not reuse the Fedora trackers (we of course
can reuse the bugs, so they block both the EPEL and the Fedora
ExcludeArch tracking bugs).

But do we need them or not? The main reason for them is: People
interested in arch foo can look at them and help fixing stuff for arch
foo in other peoples packages. If that is done properly in Fedora and if
EPEL maintainers don't add ExcludeArch bugs for stupid reasons then I'd
tend say: EPEL can live without them.

Other opinions?


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