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Re: Draft of Personal Package Request

On 6/28/07, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> wrote:
On 21.06.2007 06:11, Michael Stahnke wrote:
> I updated the draft on the package request email/notification on the wiki.
> Found currently at :
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MichaelStahnke/Draft-EPELPackageRequest
> Reads as follows: [...]

I just was in the situation where I needed a dep for one of my packages
in EPEL that is not yet part of it. I took your text and modified it a
bit to give it a more "personal" touch. Michael, what do you think of
it? Maybe you can take parts of it?


There are people around that would like to see some of your Fedora
packages in Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux
(EPEL) [1] -- I for example would like to see FOOBARBAZ in EPEL and
mainly send you this mail on behalf of the EPEL team as you didn't yet
let the team know via the Contributor Status [2] page if you are
planning to build some or all of your Fedora packages for EPEL.

Are you interested in maintaining your packages in EPEL? EPEL is similar
to Fedora Extras -- just that EPEL is a add-on repo for RHEL and
compatible spinoffs such as CentOS. EPEL uses the same CVS and the same
build servers as Fedora and a lot of Fedora maintainers are EPEL
maintainers as well; the main difference is just that packages in EPEL
are updated more carefully and supported for a longer timeframe. See [3]
and [4] for details. In short: EPEL tries to ship a package once and
update it to later versions only when there is a strong need to.

For branching your packages for EPEL follow the standard Fedora
procedure[5] -- instead of FC-6 or F-7 targets just use EL-4 or EL-5 as
branch names. If you maintain several packages (> 2) you can also use a
scripted branching method (all packages from a contributor) by using the
scripted branch process[6].

If you are not interested in EPEL please let the EPEL contributors know
and update the information on [2] to avoid further mails like this --
that just takes a minute or two and would be a great help for the EPEL
team. Please note that EPEL maintainers that might want to see your
package in EPEL will likely start to maintain the package in EPEL sooner
or later and thus become co-maintainers [7] of your packages for EPEL.

The EPEL team appreciate your help in readying EPEL for official launch




[4] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/FAQ






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epel-devel-list redhat com

Look good to me.  I normally tend to write short, so that if someone
isn't that interested, I didn't explain everything to them already.
Thorough is probably better here though.


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