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Re: package stability

On Mon, 2007-03-05 at 21:47 +0100, Axel Thimm wrote:

> We need a RHEL representative/contact whom we will be able to
> officially ask stuff like the above, to sketch some inside specs and
> so on, and I think this sounds a lot like it should be you :)

Yes, I can fill this role, at least temporarily.  I'm not technically
the best (by far) or the best connected, but I am i) good enough to
start us off, and ii) not totally blinded by working on the RHEL 5
release. :)

As more @redhat.com-based Fedora developers understand what EPEL is, I'm
hoping a better "thought leader" emerges.

- Karsten
Karsten Wade, RHCE, 108 Editor    ^     Fedora Documentation Project 
 Sr. Developer Relations Mgr.     |  fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject
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