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Re: rpms that just need a rebuild...

On 07.03.2007 07:03, Greg Swallow wrote:
> [...]
But I was wondering if there is room in the plans for a "EPEL-unstable" repository (or something like that), which is just an automatic rebuild of Fedora Extras 6 packages. For instance I need ~15 php-pear-??? rpms for EL5 that I just rebuilt from the Fedora Extras 6 sources - no modifications to the spec files needed.

My 2 cent: It would IMHO make a lot more sense to have a second repo that replaces stuff from the base or installs newer versions of gtk2 in parallel to the one from the base; that would allow to ship newer version of other programs that depend on newer system library, too.

But I'd say EPEL should focus on bringing up the main repo that doesn't replace stuff now before thinking about thinks like that. And the Fedora project is probably not the best place for this effort, too -- but I'm optimistic that there will soon be another project where this will be fitting in (more news to come, just be a bit patient for some weeks).

By the way, I am not an Extras contributor, so I don't think I'd be allowed to be a maintainer just for EPEL, would I?

You can become a Extras contributor via the normal sponsorship way and thus become a EPEL contributor, too.

There are also talks to get new contributors in as co-maintainers, that have no access to the buildsys in the beginning. But we probably need some technical infrastructure for that, that is not yet in place.


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