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Re: rpms that just need a rebuild...

On 07.03.2007 08:03, Remi Collet wrote:
Greg Swallow a écrit :
of Fedora Extras 6 packages.  For instance I need ~15 php-pear-??? rpms
for EL5 that I just rebuilt from the Fedora Extras 6 sources - no
modifications to the spec files needed.

I'm probably the maintener of some of them and i will like to push them
on EPEL soon... (i need some time to prepare my build machine for my tests).

Some of them are really useful (i think) because they were provided by
old php version (bundle with), so EL4 -> EL5 mays requires then.

Christopher Stone (maintener for most of the others) haven't put his
status on http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/ContributorStatus.

Actually i'm waiting for a "green light" to begin the push...

I'll work on a package maintainer policy today/tomorrow that lays down what kind of version-update policy we actually want for EPEL to avoid that we end up with a EPEL4 that has some brand new packages while others are quite old. I hope to discuss this policy then on this list and make something effective after next Sundays EPEL-SIG meeting.

For EPEL5 it's probably not that pressuring, but needed quite soon, too. I'd say what's now in FE6 is suitable for EPEL5. There will probably a public CentOS 5 beta soon that we can use for testing.


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