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noticing the list for new packages?


I think that it would be nice if people doing branches in EPEL noticed
the list such that it can be seen, and maybe discussed. This is not
relevant for all packages, for example it is not interesting for an 
old stable utility package or a deprecated lib nobody uses anymore
anyway, or some graphical apps that cannot have issues of compatibility
or perl and python modules that haven't been changed in years.

But for most libs, some modules and apps that are to be used by other
apps for example compilers, doc apps translators, etc. I think it would
be interesting that people wanting to maintain them post a short notice

* how stable is the software upstream
* what kind of updating is intended (use latest versions, backport with
  explanation on what will be backported and even how...)
* whether comaintainers are wanted
* other?

That way there could be a discussion, I am a bit scared that packages
enter EPEL without discussion. I don't want this kind of stuff to 
become bureaucratic either.


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