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EPEL vs Fedora main

The current discussion about fedora-usermgr is an example of most
probably a bad choice in Fedora which stalls EPEL.

What will the general consensus be in this and further conflicting
situations? Bringing this upstream, e.g. to Fedora main, is a noble
thing, but waiting for such things to resolve in Fedora-land takes a
long time, and in Fedora many people are more willing to compromise on
stuff they consider sub-optimal than in RHEL.

So will we be able to decide on anything deviating from Fedora or will
everything that comes up in RHEL land need to go through the Fedora
machinery? Of course, the highest commandment remains to be compatible
to Fedora, but only as much as is really possible, and not blindly
inherit everything that's being semi-tolerated in Fedora.

If we can stand on our own feet, then we should start by voting on
whether we want fedora-usermgmt to be part of RHEL or not. We can then
move on to other important things as EPEL sig, and hope that the issue
will be ironed out on Fedora someday.
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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