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Re: EPEL vs Fedora main

On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 04:33:40PM -0600, Mike McGrath wrote:
> You've got to trust me on this, we've been around for more then a few 
> weeks and in public.
> https://extras.108.redhat.com/
> I just don't want you to think we're throwing stuff together here.  A 
> great deal of thought, planning and work has been done to even get the 
> first package signed and rolled out to the public mirror.

Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I never said that there was some secret or 
the like, not that EPEL hadn't already came a long way. I have followed 
all from the beginning reading everything related in FESCo logs, and 
things like that. But before the announcement and the opening of this 
list the community wasn't really involved and it seemed to somebody
external but interested like me that things weren't really ready but 
still in the testing phase. There had been only one important thread on
that subject in the fedora lists before (or I missed it).

It is not a criticism at all, I think things are going well, but, once
again, regarding Fedora (extra) community participation as a whole, only 


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