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Re: remove fedora-usermgmt?

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> Michael Schwendt schrieb:
>> fedora-usermgmt is not about fixing something, but about adding a
>> feature. Well, that's my point of view. I'm not a hardcore advocate of
>> using it everywhere. But I don't understand why a simple EPEL steering
>> decision is wrapped into a crusade against an optional tool.
> Mainly for two reasons afaics:
> - Because the rules in EPEL imho should be as identical to the rules
> from Fedora as much as possible, as everything that differs between the
> two will make life harder for users and packagers (for example a package
> that currently uses fedora-usermgmt in Fedora could not simply be build
> for EPEL without adjustments)
> - Because having a tool like fedora-usermgmt that solves a particular
> problem is IMHO not worth much, if half of the Fedora packages use it,
> while the other half doesn't
> So having a solution for Fedora (use it everywhere, don't use it at all,
> use another solution that fixes the problems fedora-usermgmt tries to
> solve) would be the best for everyone.

I vaguely recall seeing a spec someone wrote that had some conditionals
added to determine if it should use fedora-usermgmt or simply run
useradd. Extra overhead, but it'd let the same spec be viable for both
fedora and epel w/o having to either bring fedora-usermgmt to epel or
kill fedora-usermgmt altogether (though I'm in favor of the latter. ;)

Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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