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Re: Summary from yesterdays EPEL meeting


On 13.03.2007 06:08, Michael Stahnke wrote:
> I started working on the epel-release package tonight. 

Thanks for your help.

> I have a few
> questions.  How do I handle the yum dependency?  RHEL 4 doesn't ship
> with yum.  CentOS 4 does.  Do I say it requires Yum in RHEL 4 or just
> use up2date?

Hmmm. I tend to think we can safely assume people have yum or up2date
installed. If somebody is using smart then we can start shipping smart
repo files in the packages, too.

> How will the testing repo be laid out?

There is something in:

>  Will it have a separate GPG key like Core did/does?

I'm quite sure that we'll use the same key.

> When will the yum repo be built for epel?  I wrote a .repo file but
> right now it sees no repomd.xml which means either I am way wrong or
> it's not created, and I am hoping it's the latter.

It's there

> Will epel have any logo,

Not for now I should say.

> documetnation or anything I should include in
> the doc directory other than a license file?  How about any type of
> eula?  I really don't want an eula, but IANAL.

I'd say go without docs for now -- or is anybody willing to write
something up? Maybe just copy a bit of stuff from the wiki and point to
the wiki for more informations might be enough already. Ohh, and I don't
think we need a eula (quiad, speak up if we need one).


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