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Re: Repotag


On 14.03.2007 12:49, Dag Wieers wrote:
> Could you please add a repotag to your EPEL packages ?
> [...]

<disclaimer>I don't care much about having a repotag or not: I'm fine
going with or without one.</disclaimer>

I think this decision is in the hands of the Fedora Packaging Committee,
as that was set in place to maintain packaging guidelines across the
different Fedora repositories -- that was Core and Extras in the past,
now it's the Fedora Repository and EPEL afaics.

I talked to some members of the Packaging Committee on IRC. Seems a
repotag is unwanted. I can accept that. If somebody inside or outside
EPEL or Fedora dislikes that it's best to bring this issue up on the
Packaging Committee list fedora-packaging:

I can forward the issue there, too, but I'm not going to advocate for
either side in this game (¹). Those that care have to do that themselves.


(¹) -- the only thing I'll advocate for on is having this problem solved
once for all of Fedora, and as such it's IMHO in the hands of the
Packaging Committe (thus this mail).

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