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Re: Time to go live?

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Mike McGrath schrieb:
We still have mentions of test only and "not meant for public consumption" Should I send an official announcement to the announce-list and get this party started?

I'd say a definite "no" as long as we don't have the "big picture" stuff
from the schedule done. E.g.

* RHEL5 on the builders
* our Package Maintain and Updates policy in place
* the final repo layout on the servers
* a release rpm-package so people can actually use our stuff
* Finish the wiki (remove "This is currently a being worked on and not
yet finished" warnings )

I'd further prefer to have at least a bit more packages in the repo
before announcing it. All that could be done in less then two weeks if
we really want...

Then we need to take the public mirror down or do something with it because people are reading "not ready for public" yet there it is.


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