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RE: Repotag

Mike McGrath wrote:
> Dag Wieers wrote:
> > If I hadn't a repotag, my nagios-packages would be numbered the same
> > the EPEL packages. Including the same release tag. If people then
> > problems, nobody could tell from the output whether this was an
> > non-EPEL, RPMforge or other package.
> >
> I can think of a couple ways to figure this out, none of which are
> difficult.  Buildhost, vendor, packager, and key signature come to

What about if you don't have the package installed?  If you have a
failed 'yum upgrade' and are trying to figure out what's happening you
only see the name/arch/epoch/version/release while it's resolving
dependancies and if Dag takes away the repotag, using his example, 'yum
list nagios' would show that 2 versions of nagios named identically are

> > This is an EPEL issue, not a Fedora issue. Why could there not be a
> > that says Fedora packages do not have a repotag, but EPEL packages
> ?
> >
> Because its just one more thing to maintain/change/whatever that so
> has only one supporter.

You can add me as a supporter even just for the reason of keeping Dag
happy.  If you want everyone to work together (Dag, ATrpms, CentOS,
EPEL) then respecting each others concerns is a good start.  Adding
%{repotag} is really not that big of a deal, is it?

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