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Re: rpms that just need a rebuild...

On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 22:03 -0800, Greg Swallow wrote:
> I admit I haven't been following all the EPEL discussion that closely, 
> so sorry if this has been brought up before...

Just to be really late to the party:

> But I was wondering if there is room in the plans for a "EPEL-unstable" 
> repository (or something like that), which is just an automatic rebuild 
> of Fedora Extras 6 packages.  For instance I need ~15 php-pear-??? rpms 
> for EL5 that I just rebuilt from the Fedora Extras 6 sources - no 
> modifications to the spec files needed. 

It would be very interesting to have a uniform way to provide RHEL-addon
packages that are unsupported. This would help people who want to
evaluate things on RHEL that are available on Fedora, but aren't in a
state that can be supported by EPEL's or RHEL's standards. 

I would like to point people to a standard repo for those things, and
have them know that the packages were built in a sane way (because they
went through the build system) w/o making any guarantees in terms of API
stability etc. What I, and I suspect others, do right now is to build
such packages whichever way we see fit, and then push them to a custom
yum repo on people.redhat.com or et.redhat.com or ... As a case in
point, I rebuild several of the packages I maintain for Fedora for RHEL4
and RHEL5, and people seem to be using them. This is particularly useful
for RHEL4, where the rebuild might require small tweaks to the specfile.


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