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Re: [users] Dropping the repotag

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Thorsten Leemhuis schrieb:
Please bring that up to the Fedora Packaging committee on
fedora-packaging redhat com, those guys are the ones that are
responsible for the Packaging Standard used in both EPEL and Fedora.

The offer still stands: I can forward this discussion/your mail there if
you want.

Done now without waiting for an answer:

People interested in this discussion please participate there!
I already just joined this mailing list, now I need to join another? No thanks, I made my point clear here. Maybe the packaging committee (5-10 people?) could have joined the EPEL list next time a problem like this comes up.

On the subject of getting a +1 or -1 from the community. I would say a very, very small percentage of the community is here on this list, and even fewer on the packaging committee list, so if you have even 3 or 4 people saying add the repotag, that's probably a few hundred thousand users. Dag is trying to speak for most of them, as I bet that many use his repo, and I'm trying to speak for maybe 5,000 that use SME Server (an EL4 and soon to be EL5 deriitave). So add 5000 +1's for me please on the other list ;-)


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