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Re: Dropping the repotag

On Mon, 19 Mar 2007 16:57:45 +0100, Axel Thimm wrote:

> > Afterall, there's still the same hypocrisy in threads like this, no signs
> > of actual cooperation or collaboration, but only attempts at influencing a
>                                                    =========================
> > project's decisions from the outside without getting involved.
>   ==============================================================
> > The only difference in how I've changed is that I am not involved in EPEL,
>                                                   =========================
> > so feel free to agree on something without my blessing. ;)
> OK, so you admit that it's a bad thing to influence a project from the
> outside when you're not involved, and you are not involved, but try to
> influence the project's decisions on fedora-usermgmt and repotags.
> Hm, now is it me or is there a blatant contradiction in the above? Or
> are you just saying that you're doing bad things and enjoy them? ;)

Uh, come on, twisting words like that is a poor style. What has
fedora-usermgmt to do with this? And why do you jump from "influence"
to "bad things" in general?

The sentences can't be so difficult to understand. There are requests for
EPEL to do something in a way that allegedly fosters cooperation between
EPEL and 3rd party repositories, but at the same time it is pointed out
clearly that there are no intentions to make the repositories and
packages compatible actually.

Now, perhaps you've focused on attacking me blindly again, so let me make
this clear. I don't request anything. I voice my concerns. You will enjoy
the next sentence, since it is food for your rhetorical exercises, and you
will rub your hands when you read it. ;) I have no particular interest in
seeing fedora-usermgmt being used in EPEL packages. Rip this sentence out
of context if you like to. But don't forget that I only participated in
the discussion to correct some untruths that have been written about it.

WRT repotags it is similar. Go ahead and add them if you see the benefit.
Who cares about an upgrade path between RHEL4 and RHEL5 anyway? ;)
The thing that concerns me is the relevance to Fedora. There are people
from Fedora committees involved in these discussions. And they ought to
know better before they introduce mandatory repotags, disttags and
other unclean solutions.

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