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Rebuild for RHEL5 final

Hi all!

In the meeting last Sunday (I'll write the summary later) it was agreed on to rebuild all the packages of EPEL5 once we have RHEL5 in place on the builders (which should happen soon or has already happened) as everything which is in EPEL5 now was build against RHEL5Beta1, which is quite old and a lot of stuff changed for the final.

The idea that was agreed on in the meeting was to just delete the EEPL5 repo and rebuild everything once automatically in the proper order without changing %release.

Now that I've thought about it some more I don't like that plan that much anymore, as then it's not possible to differentiate if people have the old or the new package installed. Sure, that shouldn't be many people yet, but nevertheless it could create problems.

Opinions? Just ignore that? Or simply do a script-build mass rebuild of EPEL5 with increased %release?


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