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brp-python-bytecompile in EL4

Is there anything that we can do to add the brp-python-bytecompile to
EPEL4 buildsys?  Out of all the "current" buildsys environments (FE5,
FE6, F7 devel, EPEL4, EPEL5), it is the only one that doesn't do the
automatic byte compilation.

Because of this, I have to either add conditional code specifically to
byte-compile for EL4 in my spec (ugly) or branch my spec specifically
for EL4 (ugly).

Neither of these is ideal.

It would be easy to add this brp-* script and the macros to trigger it
in the EPEL4 system.  This has the side effect of requiring
scripts/macros that a base EL4 doesn't have and the package will not
build on a base EL4.

But I don't see this as a blocker, since we are already adding macros
that will break building on a base EL4 system (if used).
The way to fix this would be assure that the macros can be made
available back to the EL4 system.

There is currently a discussion on fedora-devel regarding adding macros
back into the base system.  Check it out "Opinions: Providing
'buildsys-macros' in the installed system".

It cover most of the stuff that I just brought up, just not specifically
about brp-python-bytecompile..

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