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Re: topics for todays EPEL meeting

C.M. Connelly schrieb:
> "TL" == Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>
>     TL> Hi all!  Sorry, I was busy with other stuff and forgot to
>     TL> send the topics for todays meeting (17:00 UTC,
>     TL> #fedora-meeting) to the list in time.  Nevertheless here
>     TL> they are:
> Oh, bugger, I wanted to try to participate.

Apologies again for sending it so late. I normally try to send them at
least 24 hours before the meetings. But keep in mind that the meetings
ATM have a fixed date and time: each Wednesday at 17:00 UTC (18:00 UTC
during winters).

> Are we actually getting most (or at least a representative subset)
> of the active participants from the lists in these meetings?  

No. In most cases there are the people from the Steering Committee
around and two or three other contributors. But the meeting is open, so
everybody can join in (which is important). And I'd really like it if
more people would be around.

But such low "community participation" is kind of "normal" afaics.
Fedora Extras had 250  - 300 contributors, but in the open FESCo
meetings only 2 - 5 non-FESCo memebers participate normally.

> From previous discussions (notably on the repotags issue), I've
> gotten the feeling that not all opinions from the list are being
> represented in the IRC meetings, and that decisions are being made
> that don't necessarily represent the whole range of participants
> or potential participants.

Well, it are open meetings and people can join if they want to make sure
their opinion gets representated.

But the meetings are IMHO not for discussing each and every detail anew.
That in my experiences does not work on IRC -- that what we IMHO should
use the list for.

Further: Fedora (and EPEL) is a community project. But there is no
single community voice -- everyone has different expectations and
opinions, so we all sometime have to live with decisions that we don't
like. See the current "FC7 Zope" thread on fedora-devel-list -- I think
it's a big mistake that FESCo decided to remove Zope because it doesn't
want a older python-version in Fedora 7; I raised my concerns on the
list, but it seem it won't change. So I have to live with the decision
FESCo did. If I can't I'm free to leave.

> Also, some of the topics aren't ringing a bell from list messages
> -- presumably the results of any discussions will be brought back
> to the list for further comment?

I run the meetings often and I always try to make sure everything
important get discussed on the list before it gets decided/voted. That
way everyone can express his or her opinions; those will influence the
opinions of those that have to do the decision.

We of course could try to use a more "base" approach and let all
contributors influence decisions via a kind of voting app. This was
discussed in the past in Fedora-land, but sometimes things that are
popular (and thus have good chances getting lots of votes) are not
always the best ones. That's why in Fedora lots of different committees,
that hopefully consists of members that try to find a balance between
"good" and "popular".


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