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Re: proposed vote for the Steering Committee members: Elect a chairmen

On 5/5/07, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> wrote:

As discussed and decided in recent EPEL Steering Committee meeting we
want to elect a chairmen for the EPEL Steering Committee. It was further
agree upon to use a wiki-vote for the actual election.

I actually prepared that wiki-vote now; see
or below for details. That okay for everybody?

=== Elect a chair ===

In recent (during April/May 2006) EPEL SIG Meeting it was decided to
2007 even :)
have one person to act as chairmen for the EPEL Steering Committee.
During the discussions both stahnma and knurd (formally known as thl)
were nominated for that position and showed willingness to act as
chairmen; there were no other (self-)nominations for that job.

When the actual vote come closer stahnma suggested to make knurd become
the chairmen. knurd suggested to make stahnma kind of "vice-president",
so there is one that will run the meetings or other stuff in case knurd
is away. That is the proposed scheme this vote is about.

Site notes: The chairmen will get the position for the same timeframe as
the steering committee has a mandate; e.g until end of September. But we
can always "fire" the chairmen at any point if we like to.

Voting period: 20070506 UTC 12:00 until 20070508 UTC 11:59

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