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Re: From the Summit

After I saw rhx launch (on redhat.com) I too thought all of those
applications should be in Fedora at least.  I was sad to find the 3 I
was looking at were not  packaged for Fedora.  I might look into
packaging one or two of them, though since I know little about them at
this point, I might not be the greatest fit.

Either way, glad to hear there was some interest regarding EPEL at the
summit. Thanks for the update Mike!


On 5/12/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
The summit is done and I actually heard a few questions about EPEL from
some of those attending.  Shortly after our Fedora QA session someone
approached me regarding the new Red Hat Exchange stuff
(rhx.redhat.com).  Some ideas included looking into handing packaging of
some enterprise apps out in the open by the vendors using our packaging
standards.  It was interesting and nice to hear that we're getting
around and raising eyebrows, I thought I'd pass that along.


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