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Re: EPEL report 2007, week 19

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano schrieb:
> On Sat, 2007-05-12 at 15:10 +0200, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> Josh Boyer schrieb:
>>>>  * repotags -- some discussion in the meeting again. It looks like it
>>>> will we'll continue without repotags (final decision probably in next
>>>> weeks meeting, after this summary has been posted and discussed). If you
>>>> want repotags please *speak up now* 
> I do. But maybe you are just asking for "I do"'s from list participants
> that do not have a third party repo?

Actually I'm interested in opnions from everyone; but I'm especially
interested in opnions from Fedora/EPEL contributos.

> Rationale for support has been
> already hashed to death in many threads. 

And others that don't see a sense or benefit in repotags  (or even think
they do harm) have expressed their opinion as well.

>>>> and *help* to find a technical
>>>> solution that is not only fine for the EPEL Steering Committee, but also
>>>> acceptable for the Fedora Packaging Committee and FESCo -- from
>>>> discussions on list and on IRC it looks like that some members of those
>>>> groups tend to be against using repotags (see this weeks FESCo meeting
>>>> for example) or want to see something cooperation statements signed by
>>>> EPEL and 3rd party repos before they are willing to accept repotags.
>>> Just some clarification.  Yes, FESCo overall didn't see a good reason to
>>> use repotags.  If EPEL chooses to do so, FESCo won't stand in the way.
>> FYI: I was a bit against repotags in the past, but my position these
>> days after all this discussions is similar.
>> Or, to be more verbose: If someone works out the details on how to
>> realize repotags in Fedora then (depending on how the proposal looks
>> like) I'll likely abstain from a vote or might even support to use
>> repotags, as long as a simple "cp FC-6/foo.spec EL-5/" remains possible.
>> But I don't have the energy to work out the details. Anyone willing to
>> work them out?
> I presume this is internal help? (meaning how to tweak the build system
> to support them transparently without any impact to the spec files
> themselves?)

No, more meaning: Find a technical and political solution that is
acceptable for EPEL SIG and the Fedora Packaging Committee (and FESCo,
if it wants to ).

And let me warn you: there seems to be a opposition against repotags on
that way from what I can see, so this process might take weeks and
likely lots of discussions and mails. There are high chances to get
frustrated and burned out on the way afaics.

Actually realizing what got decided in the end is probably easy.


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