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Re: Proposal: Repository Community Collaboration Statement

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Tim Jackson schrieb:
Rex Dieter wrote:

Tim Jackson wrote:
Repository Community Collaboration Statement
+1000000!  Fantastically awesome, imho.
Thanks for the support Rex. But is there really nobody else who is
interested in this or has any comments? Either way? From either EPEL or
other repos? I won't be offended if everyone thinks it's a waste of time
and energy, but I was hoping that it might offer a positive way forward
and any constructive comments are welcome.

I'm actually a bit unsure myself about that and was watching what
comments show up before commenting myself.

My biggest concern: I think a "Repository Community Collaboration
Statement" nothing that should be specific to EPEL. On the Fedora-site
it should be signed by Fedora itself, to cover both Fedora repos and
EPEL. Thus FESCo or the Board is likely the better place to go. As Rex
is in both Committee's he's maybe a good person to poke ;-)

Yep. Individual maintainers shouldn't be asked to sign on a document like this. We have to make a project wide policy on this. It is just common sense guidelines. There is nothing inherently EPEL specific about third party repository collaboration.

On Fedora excluding EPEL most of the active maintainers of third party repository are already working with the project (atrpms, freshrpms, kde-redhat etc) and there is a separate effort to have rest of the packages that don't fit into Fedora's legal requirements into a single third party repository too.

A similar situation for third party repositories for EL would be very good for both contributors and end users. If third party repos have very different policies, it should be transparent to end users what the target audience and level of collaboration is.


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