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Re: Proposal: Repository Community Collaboration Statement

Tim Jackson wrote:
I have a feeling I might regret this, but if nobody tries....

I have written up below a proposed simple statement of collaboration which ideally a number of interested parties in different repositories (EPEL, Fedora, RPMforge, AT etc.) could sign up to.

At this stage I'm interested mostly in whether people like the broad principle, rather than picking apart specific wording as I'd rather this didn't descend into a discussion about semantics or politics. Basically: is this something that people feel could form the basis of something they'd be willing to sign up to? Or should we all just go back to arguing about repotags?

I have made some changes essentially converting this from a statement that individual contributors would have to sign to a project wide policy


If folks are happy with it I will help drive this through FESCo and Fedora Project board after getting some feedback. Any further comments?


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