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Re: YUM for RHEL 4

On 5/17/07, Michael E Brown <Michael_E_Brown dell com> wrote:
On Thu, May 17, 2007 at 07:49:22AM +0200, Remi Collet wrote:
> A stupid question, i probably miss something.
> CentOS 4 provides yum 2.4
> RHEL 4 doesn't provides yum, but it is available on a very
> famous/usefull/high quality third party repository.
> How RHEL 4 users will use our new EPEL repository without yum ?
> Of course, if we want good collaboration, we must use the same version
> than dag and centos.

Up2date can be trivially configured to pull packages from yum

Red Hat just released RHEL 4.5 with some important fixes to up2date for
bugs I found a while back. ($releasever improperly hardcoded to 3...
hmmm, testing anybody?)

For the Dell yum repositories, I have the 'dell-repository' RPM, which
will automatically add both yum and up2date configs.
The epel-release package does the same.

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