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Re: repotags (was Re: EPEL report 2007, week 19)

On 20.05.2007 16:01, Axel Thimm wrote:
> On Sun, May 20, 2007 at 03:19:50PM +0200, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> On 18.05.2007 20:02, Axel Thimm wrote:
>>> On Fri, May 18, 2007 at 09:50:09AM -0700, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> fpc had signaled that they would
>>> pass any decision of epel to introduce repotags
>> Hmm, I got different signals from Spot, which leads the Fedora Packaging
>> Committee.
>> See:
>> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2007-April/msg01393.html
>> Quoting
>> ----
>> But I'd like to point out that I'm still fundamentally opposed to the
>> repotag, as I've yet to hear what problem it solves, aside from the
>> "other repos want it" problem.
>> ~spot
> a) spot is not an inanimate object

Sorry, my english skills fail to parse that. What do did you mean?

Did you mean something like "Spot can change his opinion"?

> b) quoting only half the quotes always biases towards your view, of
>    course. There is also:
>    "Indeed. I'm not necessarily opposed to the repotag being part of
>    %{dist} for EPEL, but I am opposed to making %{dist}
>    mandatory. [...] ~spot" (and you were part of that thread)

Sorry, the thread is some weeks old I don't remember each every detail.
And I at least give pointers to the mails where somebody wrote something
when I quote him.

Further: I for one think a repotags only makes sense if it's used
everywhere. Dist isn't used everywhere and not mandatory, thus I'd
prefer not to abuse it.

> c) contrary to epel's leadership structure fpc works democratic w/o an
>    overpowered chairman,

The EPEL chairmen has no special powers. He just organizes and
coordinates -- that includes voting and is part of being a chairmen job
in my understanding (and done like that in FESCo, too).

> so even if spot would vote against it, there
>    are still N-1 other voters

I just mentioned what impression I got from talking to the FPC chairmen.
Not more. Not less.

Further: I know from Jesse's statement from a recent FESCo meeting that
he is also against repotags. But yes, I don't know the other peoples
opinion. Do you? I actually wanted to know what FPC thinks about the
repotags (see the #fedora-devel quote in this thread) but didn't get one
until today.

> And BTW I'm in no mood to start picking up infinite threads with you
> again. Really. You want to present as if all the world, but you
> blocked repotags, that's fine.

We did not understood us there. I back then was against a blind vote
"EPEL uses repotags" without knowing the consequences for out packagers
(e.g. the technical implementation details). So I voted for "no", even
if I was not opposed heavily to repotags in general.

> In reality it was really you as a major
> opponent to repotags that brought us here.

If someone that wanted repotags did now what I try to do now (e.g. get
some row technical details in place before a voting) or worked out a
solution with the Fedora Packaging Committee before doing the EPEL vote
I might would have abstained a vote or might even have given a "+1" if
the solution was sane.

> Do I sound like I'm pissed off? Maybe I do, and maybe I am. I just
> don't like playing hide and seek or "pass the old maid".

Axel, I really wanted and want to have you participating in EPEL. I even
wanted you in the Steering Committee -- that why I proposed you for it
when I presented the proposal for a Steering Committee to FESCo. I still
hope you can reconsider your leave and join us again.


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