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Re: dag, axel somefrom from centos, let's please meet on LinuxTag (Re: Log from yesterdays (20070523) EPEL SIG meeting)

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Hi all!

On 24.05.2007 18:43, Dag Wieers wrote:
On Thu, 24 May 2007, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Secondly, someone brings up that both atrpms and rpmforge do not longer use a repotag, which is NOT true. We had the intention to drop it after Fedora/EPEL Refused to consider it. And now they use our intention (which is not yet policy) as a reason to refuse it.

Sigh. Can someone hand me the cluestick ?

I'm willing to, because I'm quite unhappy with that meeting and some of
the statements that were made by EPEL Contributors and other Fedora
contributors -- I was not present during that phase of the meeting
(Sorry, real life); so in other words:

00:39 <    mmcgrath> | If I removed this item from the schedule right
now... who would bring it up next week?
00:40 <       nirik> | knurd: would you re-add it?

Yes, I would and sooner or later. But I'm unsure if we should have a IRC
meeting next weeks because afaics mmcgrath and I are on LinuxTag and
likely not near a keyboard (see also below).

I'd like to clarify this because it needs clarification. To me, repotags are just repotags. I'm mildly against repo tags because we, as a fedora universe, don't use them. But to some, this is more about repo tags. I think to thimm, knurd and others its a political thing.

So why have I been so vocal?

We've voted twice and I want us to move on. Repotags are such a tiny tiny detail of what needs to be done. If you guys are interested in bringing up repo tags again, so we can vote a 3rd time, that's fine. But if its not repo tags, if it's something else political can we please define it that way? I can't possibly imagine the people involved in this have actually been concerned for two months about repo tags, especially since extras existed in the same space as these repos without repo tags and they all existed that way for YEARS. Why now?

We can't talk about political issues in a technical way and we can't talk about technical issues in a political way. At least I can't.


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