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Re: fuse

Peter Lemenkov wrote:
2007/10/21, Jarod Wilson <jwilson redhat com>:

Hmmm -- I don't have a RHEL4 at hand, but I have serious doubts it
contains a fuse support in its kernel (iirc not even RHEL5 contains
fuse). Please correct me if I'm wrong. If not I'd say we remove those
packages from EPEL4.
Correct, no fuse kernel modules in either RHEL4 or 5. Its possible to
build fuse out-of-tree for RHEL5, dunno about RHEL4...

Anyone, please don't forget that EPEL is not only for RHEL but for
CentOS also and CentOS kernels are built with fuse enabled.

Rebuilds are supported only to the extend that they remain compatible is that way I understand it. It seems unlikely that CentOS kernel would enable FUSE since it would break ABI compatibility. Maybe they are offering a alternative version in another repository. Can someone from CentOS confirm either way?


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