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Re: fuse

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Peter Lemenkov wrote:
>> 2007/10/21, Jarod Wilson <jwilson redhat com>:
>>>> Hmmm -- I don't have a RHEL4 at hand, but I have serious doubts it
>>>> contains a fuse support in its kernel (iirc not even RHEL5 contains
>>>> fuse). Please correct me if I'm wrong. If not I'd say we remove those
>>>> packages from EPEL4.
>>> Correct, no fuse kernel modules in either RHEL4 or 5. Its possible to
>>> build fuse out-of-tree for RHEL5, dunno about RHEL4...
>> Anyone, please don't forget that EPEL is not only for RHEL but for
>> CentOS also and CentOS kernels are built with fuse enabled.
> Rebuilds are supported only to the extend that they remain compatible is
> that way I understand it. It seems unlikely that CentOS kernel would
> enable FUSE since it would break ABI compatibility. Maybe they are
> offering a alternative version in another repository. Can someone from
> CentOS confirm either way?

I just checked my CentOS-5 config file ... the standard CentOS-5 kernel has:

# CONFIG_FUSE_FS is not set

The CentOSPlus kernel does have fuse turned on:


Johnny Hughes

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