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Re: EPEL build failures? Plague problem?

Matthias Saou wrote:
Mike McGrath wrote :

Matthias Saou wrote:

I just rebuilt gkrellm-freq for EL-5, but the build "failed" for ppc.
The build.log indicates that everything went fine, "exit 0" at the very
end confirms this...

Something is going wrong with plague?

Plague isn't moving the status beyond prepping (even though in reality the build does move on from there and completes). There is a check in plague to make sure that mock never exits during the prep status, if it does, regardless of how mock's exit code, then its a failed build. I've been adding some code here and there though I've not had much success. I'm still working on it but since it's hard to duplicate and my familiarity with plague isn't great it's taken longer then I'd hoped, please bare with me and continue to report these successful-failed builds.

You've mostly lost me here, but I guess the answer is "yes, something
is going wrong with plague, and I'm trying to find out what" :-)

What should I do? Try to trigger the build again? Or is it 100%
reproducible for a given tag of a given package?

Oh, sorry :) Yeah just keep rebuilding until it succeeds. For each build that fails please add it to:




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