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Re: Repository cleanups

On 13.09.2007 16:43, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Jeff Sheltren wrote:
>> On Sep 13, 2007, at 9:11 AM, Mike McGrath wrote:
>>> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> Some people may hate me for this, but I think running the deps check 
>> on testing would be a good idea.  Otherwise people may have broken
>> packages there and not know it. 

Exactly (and that's why I brought the topic up).

>> Plus, if people get nagged enough, 
>> they may get motivated to fix things, import needed packages, etc. :)

+1 -- we also in the future try to keep the broken deps even in testing
to a minimum. E.g. something like "if there is a package in testing that
has broken deps for more then 7 days it's going to be removed."

> So we're doing two runs against EPEL-5 and EPEL-4
> EPEL5-testing:  Merges RHEL5, EPEL-5, EPEL-5-Testing
> EPEL5:  Merges RHEL5, EPEL-5
> EPEL4-testing:  Merges RHEL4, EPEL-4, EPEL-4-Testing
> EPEL4:  Merges RHEL4, EPEL-4
> That seem sane to everyone?

Yes -- I think that's a must-have.

BTW, how often do they run? Once a week iirc? Would it be much work to
let cron them at least twice a week?


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