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Re: clamav

On Mon, 17 Sep 2007 16:00:44 -0600
smooge gmail com ("Stephen John Smoogen") wrote:

> > It doesn't look like anyone wants to step up and maintain the
> > current package in EPEL.
> >
> Actually I would be interested in doing it in the form you mentioned
> below. I thought it was moving behind the scenes from the last email
> you quoted above. I could be a co-maintainer as I have not maintained
> anything to this date.

Excellent. I think with packages like clamav that have lots of security
updates in their history it would be good to have a number of
(co)maintainers of the package. That way someone would always be around
to push security updates... 

The more the better. 

Let's see what Dag thinks of us being able to use his package and go
from there. 

> > Would you be interested in maintaining your package in EPEL?
> >
> > Or failing that, would you be willing to let me use your package and
> > just keep it in sync with your version upstream?
> >
> > Obviously, there would need to be testing to confirm that it
> > upgrades the old 0.88.x version currently in EPEL correctly, but I
> > can work on that if you don't mind me basing on your package.
> >
> > Any other thoughts or ideas?
> >
> > kevin


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