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permission to use spec files in other projects (Was Re: clamav)

CCing Fedora-Advisory Board

On 22.09.2007 03:01, Dag Wieers wrote:
> [...] I also have no problem if the RPMforge SPEC files are to be
> used by other projects, and I know some people have done this. I do
> not feel that the SPEC files contain anything 'special'. In fact, I
> would not be surprised if people can come up with (almost) exactly
> the same SPEC file for a project. So I don't feel the need to add a
> license or copyright, you can think of the SPEC file as being in the
> public domain.
> In fact, I prefer that people use existing SPEC files and improve on
> them so that at least different packages have the same basis (and
> naming). I welcome feedback and ideas, but can understand to need for
> control and authority within a seperate project.

+1 to this and I also have no problem if my spec files are used by other
projects. I also would prefer if they are used that way and that
improvements flow from one project to the other and vice versa. Using
the pkgdb and the cvs-commits list it's easy for outsiders to already
follow them -- I you want watchcommits access to some of my packages
just let me know.

I cannot speak for other peoples spec files and I suspect some packagers
won't agree with the "SPEC files are public domain" statement -- making
the license of the spec files explicit (a Wiki page that says "All our
Fedora RPM SPEC files are free software and public domain if not
otherwise specified in the spec file" might be enough already) in
Fedora-land (EPEL, Fedora) would be best for all, as external projects
(RPMForge, RPMFusion, Linva, freshrpms, <insert others>) than would be
on the safe side if they use them.

@FESCo,@Board, you have the power to do that -- are you willing to do
something like that? Currently it's a bit a grey area IMHO and that
sucks. tia!


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