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Re: add to wishlist: rsyslog

On 28.09.2007 01:07, Jos Vos wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 27, 2007 at 03:55:59PM -0700, Florin Andrei wrote:
>> Today I grabbed the latest rsyslog-1.19.6-2.fc8.src.rpm from Fedora 
>> Development and rebuilt it on RHEL4 32bit. Seems to work fine after very 
>> summary testing.
>> Perhaps that should be the reference used for EPEL? Anyway, mainstream 
>> just released 1.19.8 today.
> Does EPEL have rules about what packages EPEL packages can be based on?
> I mean: should EPEL packages be based only on non-test Fedora src.rpm's?
> [...]

Fedora IMHO for EPEL is kind of "testing ground" (just like it is for
RHEL). Having similar Specs used in EPEL and Fedora also makes
exchanging bugfixes a whole lot easier.

Thus it IMHO would be best for all if the EPEL spec file is based on the
Fedora one. But that's not a hard requirement.

>> I did notice it does not chkconfig off the syslog service after it's 
>> installed.
> Question is what to do when adding a package (rsyslog) that in fact
> obsoletes a regular RHEL5 package (sysklogd). 

One of the (in parts unwritten IIRC) rules is: don't disturb the
distribution we build for (e.g. RHEL in this case). So obsoleting is a
no go.

> Personally, I would opt
> for what I did: make sure installing the (rsyslog) package does not 
> affect anything related to regular RHEL5 packages (sysklogd) and let
> the sysadmin do the config work afterwards (in this case doing two
> chkconfig commands and editting two logrotate files).

That should be fine.


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