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plague-client - Server returned an error: insufficient privileges

Hi. I have been following the wiki pages for creating an EPEL package
from a Fedora package. I got an EL-5 branch in the package CVS module.
However when I do "make build" in that branch I get the error on the
subject line. I can't find any reference in documentation regarding
this. All the "make build" does is the following:

  /usr/bin/plague-client build prover9 prover9-200805a-4_el5 el5

which seems correct and the wiki docs imply this should just work.
Does anyone know what might be causing this error or is there a
missing step somewhere that is needed to submit an EPEL package?

Did find one reference to the ~/.plague-client.cfg file which
suggested the config on the wiki may be out of date so I include
mine below in case that sheds any light on the issue:

  user-ca-cert = ~/.fedora-upload-ca.cert
  server-ca-cert = ~/.fedora-server-ca.cert
  user-cert = ~/.fedora.cert

  email = timc inf ed ac uk

  use_ssl = True
  allow_uploads = False
  address = https://buildsys.fedoraproject.org:8887

The certificates work fine for other Fedora operations and doing builds
with Koji etc. so I don't think the problem lies with them.

After looking at the source I also tried some values for "upload_user"
in the config file since the local account is under a different uid
from the FAS account but that didn't seem to help.

There was also a suggestion there may be a firewall issue?


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Scotland, with registration number SC005336.

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