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Updating packages for dependencies

Currently I've got a package python-toscawidgets-0.9 in epel. It is a python library that can have modules that add functionality. python-tw-forms is one of the major modules. This has just been reviewed and built for Fedora. Unfortunately, it needs a newer version of python-formencode than is in EPEL-5. Moreover, this is a newer version that can cause bugs if your code uses certain features of formencode.

How do we want to deal with this? Upgrade formencode? Upgrade formencode at a certain point in time? Remove toscawidgets since it's pretty useless? Create a parallel installable version of formencode for the new version?

Each of these has drawbacks.  What's the initial leaning?

* Note: Felix, Luke, and I haven't banged out a definite opinion on what we ideally want to do in this situation yet... since this seems to touch on some rather basic EPEL policy, I thought it needed to be brought here for comment.


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