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Re: Some EPEL thoughts (was Re: perl-Net-Telnet both in EPEL and RHEL)

2.  Even competing with layered products seems bad.  If we would like
RHX to have the same packages as in EPEL but be able to buy support
for them, shouldn't RH do the same?  That way the software is
available to those who would like to preview it, use it with CentOS,
Scientific, etc.  I realize this contradictory to what EPEL started
with, but our goal should be software to everybody, at least that's
what I think.

I'm curious about the future of RHX as well.  Many of the groups in RHX
have made a comittment to Open Source but that doesn't mean getting some
of those packages playing well with the Fedora/EPEL model will be easy.

I've strongly suggested RHX help ISVs get content into EPEL. I'm not sure what their plan is though.

With EPEL, any users benefit in having their software available in yum-installable ways, they get a free build system, and the software is available to more than just RHEL. Plus, they have a community available to help them get their packages reviewed and in shape, and can
more closely track things that are going on in the distro.

Generally the ones that have the hardest times are ones that have done things like package their own versions of certain components, especially java apps where this is accepted practice (and this is a /bad/ practice and needs to change for all distributions). For the java folks, they should probably also join https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-java-list so that they can talk among themselves to figure out packaging issues.

Definitely not a super-easy problem, but it's a good way to ensure we get good RPMs for them and the distribution channel has a lot of advantanges, "yum search" being a primary one. I think it's pretty easy to sell the advantages, we just have to get them interested in doing the work.


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