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Re: request to move newly built packages to EL5 testing public repository

On Thu, 14 Aug 2008 11:38:07 +0530
panemade gmail com ("Parag N(पराग़)") wrote:

> Hi,
>    I have built some packages 2 days ago for EPEL5. But, Still i can't
> see them appearing in publicly in testing repository.
>    Am I missing any guidelines for epel release process? If yes then
> please point me to that document.

No, there was a issue with the sync from the buildhost to the
mirrors/download sites. It's been corrected now... so your builds
should appear in testing soon. 

>    Also, how to push testing packages to stable repository?

Once a month all testing packages that don't have broken dependencies
or where the maintainer doesn't say they should be held back get moved
over to stable. 

We can also move things quicker, but thats usually reserved for
security updates or very critical bugs. 

Just make the request to epel_signers-members fedoraproject org

> Thanks & Regards,
> Parag.


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