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Re: Hello - Gnome Office Anyone?

Michael A. Peters wrote:

That's a dozen packages that could fairly easily be branched into EPEL that would definitely be useful to many people. I've verified they build and work in i386 and x86_64 (though my x86_64 machine is new, less than a week old as I type)

I'm willing to help maintain them in EPEL but I don't want to be sole maintainer of a dozen packages, and I would prefer to have a co-maintainer. There's a real good possibility I won't install RHEL/CentOS 6 when it ships - I use to like running latest greatest but now Linux is good enough that I prefer not to mess with what works. So I don't want to be in a situation where I take some on and then end up having to orphan because I'm not running relevent versions of the OS.

But any help I can provide, I'm more than willing to. I even would consider maintaining a few branches solo if there were other people maintaining some of the others.

Sure. I can co-maintain the packages.

also unrelated - someone really should branch and maintain alpine. EL is often used on servers that people often access via remote shell, and pine was "the standard" mail client for those scenarios. I bet alpine will be in RHEL 6 anyway, but it should be EPEL branched for 5 (it builds and works just fine i386/x86_64)

Alpine is already in EPEL 5 testing repository. It will be moved to EPEL 5 within a couple of days.


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