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Re: rt3 for EPEL

Hi all,

Here's an updated status :

Some packages have already been rebuild since my last mail, thanks Robin and Spot (perl-TermReadKey, perl-HTML-Scrubber, perl-IPC-ShareLite and perl-Cache-Cache). We agreed to delay the EL-4 rebuild until we at least have EL-5. It seems very likely it will not be possible to fulfill the build dependencies on EL-4. Let's save that for later.

On EL-5, 27 packages are still missing. For testing purposes, I have taken the F8 SRPMs as shipped on the DVD.

16 packages from this list don't have any missing build dependencies and can be rebuild now. All 16 of them are rebuilding fine, with minor pbs with 2 of them :
- missing BR: for perl-Devel-StackTrace, already fixed in cvs devel branch.
- missing BR: for perl-TextWrapper, filed as https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=431411. Ralph already fixed it. 2 out of this 16 packages don't have anyone to take care of them in EPEL (perl-Module-Versions-Report and perl-Time-modules). I've mailed their Fedora owners, but no answer yet. Both of them are not blocking any other package. I've also mailed the EPEL owners of the 25 remaining packages. Not all of them answered yet.

5 out of the 27 packages have dependencies on the first bulk of 16 packages.
All of them rebuild fine, with 2 minor pbs :
- perl-Test-NoWarnings lacks a BR: on perl(Devel::StackTrace), fixed in devel branch of cvs. - perl-ExtUtils-AutoInstall ask about CPANPlus support and about ncftpget, ncftp, ftp and gpg.

4 out of the 27 packages have dependencies on the second bulk.
All of them are rebuilding fine.
Some problems though :
- perl-DBIx-SearchBuilder : lots of tests are skipped with "ENV is not defined for driver 'Pg'"
- perl-HTML-Mason : pbs with some tests :
all skipped: $test_data->{is_maintainer} is not true or $test_data->{apache_dir} is not a directory
        all skipped: $test_data->{apache_dir} is not a directory

2 out of the 27 packages have dependencies on the third bulk.
problems :
- perl-Apache-Session :
There's that in the build log : "Please use Test::Reporter to report test results - it's the only way to measure popularity of distribution." Also, some tests skipped with 'all skipped: Not running RDBM tests without APACHE_SESSION_MAINTAINER=1'

See the attached file for the detailed list of packages and their respective owners.


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