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Re: xerces-c soname bump

Peter Lemenkov wrote:
Hello All!

2008/2/12, Ville Skyttä <ville skytta iki fi>:
On Monday 11 February 2008, buildsys fedoraproject org wrote:
Packages built and released for Fedora EPEL testing/5: 7

Packages built and released for Fedora EPEL testing/4: 5
This is a soname bump from libxerces-c.so.27 to libxerces-c.so.28, and looks
like it would break at least enigma, gdal, ovaldi, perl-XML-Xerces and
xalan-c, not to mention local packages and other local builds.

(soname bump is an ABI change)

I haven't seen even a "HEADS UP" mail about this.  Without a very good reason,
this is far from acceptable in EPEL.

Agree - it should be dropped from EPEL-testing.

BTW, looks like this update is on its way to Fedora too, it'll break even more
packages there.  And not even a heads up mail seen on fedora-devel either.

Please explain?

I was about to post something along the same line and I actually mailed perl-XML-Xerces upstream yesterday. There is no perl-XML-Xerces version that can be compiled against xerces-c-2.8.0 and there won't be in the near future.

Sorry for this. I just forgot to mention about this incompatibility
during mass rebuilds for gcc4.3. I'll revoke requests for update from
F-7 and F-8 ASAP.

I want to keep new version for devel-branch though.

Even if the soname bump is a no-no for EPEL, there's no way to update the perl package in Fedora either, so I'd be very grateful if the xerces-c update never hits Fedora stable. I don't really care about devel, but the perl package will likely remain broken there until xerces-3.0.


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