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Re: New Zenoss RPMs

Christopher Blunck wrote:
We're extremely interested in making it into EPEL. The biggest hurdle we face right now is not a technical one; it's a policy/procedure problem. Simply put: we (or more specifically I) am unfamiliar with the EPEL/Fedora/RHEL policies and procedures that are used to qualify a project to be included into your baseline.

I'm trying to make sure that we conform to your policies and procedures, and that we follow all of the guidelines the community offers as criteria for inclusion into the repository. Sometimes those policies conflict with our existing build system (e.g. the situation with python 2.4). When that comes up we (I) try to re-engineer our build-system to accommodate your criteria because honestly your procedures are usually best practices. :)

Tomorrow I'm going to submit our .spec and .src.rpm for review. I expect that as a result of that submission we'll have an opportunity to work through some more of details associated with being included into the repository.

Thanks guys for all your help! Please give us a chance - we're just trying to understand what we need to do to be included in your repo! :)

I think I figured out the Python issue - the general way something gets into EPEL is through Fedora review process first - and since Python 2.4 is not shipped in a supported release of Fedora, that may be difficult.

Is that what the deal is?

Does EPEL have a second path in for these scenarios?

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