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Re: BUG: clamav packages badly broken

On Wed, 02 Jan 2008 06:46:35 -0600, Johnny Hughes wrote:

> OK ... people can argue about this until we are all blue in the face.
> The real answer, however is what your customers want.

Fedora is not a product that is sold to customers, so by definition there
are no Fedora customers.

There is only the relationship with RHEL in that Fedora is used as a
testbed in order to find out how to develop RHEL further. But RHEL
customers don't choose RHEL because they like Fedora.

For Clamav, the evaluation period is not over yet. Without a doubt, its
setup can be made much more convenient with helper scripts and even a GUI
for desktop users.

For services like yum-updated, it is possible to notify the user that the
service is disabled. By default, the service does not apply any updates
anyway, so further action from the user/admin is needed (such as
configuring the system or clicking onto a desktop notification icon and
enabling a service).

> People who routinely do not give their customers what they want find
> themselves without any customers.
> SO, I would think long and hard about such flaming comments as I have
> seen on this thread.
> If you don't care much for/about your customers, eventually you won't
> have to.

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