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Re: BUG: clamav packages badly broken

On Wed, 2 Jan 2008 16:23:28 +0100
bugs michael gmx net (Michael Schwendt) wrote:

> ...snipp...
> So, please start filing
> tickets, point out your concerns, get status updates from the
> maintainer, ...

An excellent plan. I filed: 


To start with. 

Will see what the maintainer says on those. 

I think another thing that doesn't help here is that several of the
CLOSED->WONTFIX bugs against clamav refer readers to the fedora.us
bugzilla instance for reasoning, but that is no longer available. 

There are 15 closed->NOTABUG and 6 closed->WONTFIX bugs against clamav,
which I think is an indicator that users are confused by the packaging
and/or find it non intuitive. 

In any case, I think we should try and be constructive here. 
If anyone has other issues, please file them. If folks are seeing the
same above issues I am seeing and would like them fixed, please add
your comments to the above bugs. 


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