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Re: Refactoring up-imapproxy

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

[inconsistent naming of stuff in up-imapproxy]

* there is no rule that EPEL packages have to be similar to the one from
Fedora or based on those from Fedora (maybe such a rule should exist to
prevent users bypass review), but it helps everyone a lot afaics; fixes
can easily be floating back and forth and (more important) users that
know the package from Fedora can just use the one from EPEL (or vice
versa); that might not sound very important, but it IMHO is as
differences like those outline above create a lot of confusion for users

Indeed, which is why I wanted to involve other people. In a way it's a choice of the lesser of two evils: inconsistencies between Fedora and EPEL, and inconsistencies within the package itself.

* what upstream does here looks to be confusing, but fixing this
confusion only in Fedora-land (either Fedora or EPEL or both) just adds
more confusion for everyone, as Howtos and Docs written from upstream or
written for other distributions won't "just work" in Fedora-land as
files are stored in different places

Fair point.

Thus is might be better for everyone to stick to the package design
what we have in Fedora for now, fix the naming problem upstream and then
adjust the packaging in Fedora-land to it.

OK, I think that was a well-reasoned argument. However, one thing I omitted to mention was that the current layout does cause the following from rpmlint:

W: incoherent-init-script-name imapproxy

I do think if we are going to call the package "up-imapproxy" then the init script should also be "up-imapproxy" (even if we leave the config file location alone), and this is something that we are not "fixing" in Fedora land but rather just being self-consistent in doing. This is probably the thing that annoys me most, since I inevitably (in Fedora) try to do "service up-imapproxy start", having just installed a package called "up-imapproxy". I personally thing this is a mistake in the Fedora package and is worth fixing for the EPEL branch (and probably in Fedora for F9 too, although the current Fedora maintainer seems to be unresponsive).


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