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Re: Broken deps in EPEL 5

On Mon, 14 Jan 2008 17:06:16 +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

> BTW, if you have some more free cycles and want to to EPEL another
> favor: could you shed some light into the dependency checker script EPEL
> uses (BTW: does it still run?)? Afaics it's a old one (or not the same
> that Extras used?) that doesn't mail the list as the script you used to
> generate this report. Would that be hard to implement? Or is it easier
> to switch to the script you used?

I'm not aware of any "dependency checker script EPEL uses".

The one installed on the buildsys machine is the one that Extras used. It
includes the ability to mail the summary and the owners. It doesn't run
for EPEL, because it would need a few patches first. 1) There are no
public RHEL5 binary repos it could use. Hence Config_EPEL.py would need to
be pointed to CentOS 5 repos instead before extras-repoclosure could
generate a yum.conf on-the-fly. 2) CentOS is not available for ppc. Hence
the scripts would need to be patched to exclude ppc. 3) With those two
things fixed, also the optional RCNeedsign.py script could be used to
check tmp installations of the needsign queue, without doing multi-lib
processing however (which is missing, but doable).

Anyway, I plan to publish the modified script I've used to create this
report. It can also mail the owners, but it needs a manually supplied
yum.conf instead of creating one on-the-fly, because it isn't integrated
into the pushscript stuff.

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