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Re: permission to use spec files in other projects

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

Which CLA? The one I signed in the early Fedora days is not the one that
is available today. There are afaik even today different CLAs for Red
Hat, IBM, Dell and community contributers -- I don't know what's written
in them.  And I don't known which of those is binding if I take
something from Fedora.

These don't differ as far as spec files are concerned IIUC. If you need further clarification on that, you need to ask that explicitly to the board.

We consulted with legal before on whether we can explain the CLA better in another document and the legal opinion was that if any clarifications are necessary, it should done within the CLA itself and not in a separate document as any contradictions are considered risky IIRC. However I think you can point this out in the EPEL FAQ for example in this way:

I'm not going to put any legal statement anywhere. That is exactly what
we have the Board for and that's why I asked the Board to handle that.

It is not a separate legal statement. It is a direct quote from the CLA and the board has explicitly said that documenting this in the wiki is ok for them.


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