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Re: Zenoss Core

Since we're all OSS here is there any way that Fedora/EPEL changes to the .spec can be pushed upstream into our repository? Or are there some proprietary things you guys sometimes add to .spec files to make them work in your build environment?


On Jan 18, 2008, at 2:46 PM, Jesse Keating wrote:

On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 14:37:26 -0500
Christopher Blunck <chris zenoss com> wrote:

Built from .src.rpm or built from .spec?

Yes.  (:

For a longer answer... EPEL and Fedora in general maintains a source
control (CVS) repository of the package .spec file, any patches, and
the upstream source tarball (in a lookaside cache).  It's from this
source control that the package is built. However we have helper tools that will allow you to easily import an existing source rpm. If you so desire, your work on the spec and such can happen outside EPEL/ Fedora's
source control, and when you're ready to do a new build you can import
the latest source rpm. You'll have to take care as to not stomp on any
changes that may have been made directly in Fedora/EPEL though.

Jesse Keating
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