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gnucash - Re: Conflicts in EPEL

On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 00:41:49 -0500, Bill Nottingham wrote:

> > gnucash provides libgsf-1.so.1
> > libgsf provides libgsf-1.so.1
> >   required by: wv2 - 0.2.3-3.el4.i386
> >   required by: libgsf - 1.10.1-2.i386
> >   required by: librsvg2 - 2.8.1-1.el4.1.i386
> >   required by: planner - 0.12.1-2.2.i386
> >   required by: gnucash - 2.0.5-3.1.el4.i386
> gnucash needs libgsf-gnome; the libgsf in RHEL 4 does not
> build this. So gnucash has to build its own.

Probably it must be a newer version for gnucash, because the RHEL4 libgsf
does include libgsf-gnome.

Anyway, gnucash's package name is longer, too, so there's only a very
minor dep problem which is unlikely to occur (when libgsf is not installed
but gnucash is installed and somebody wants to install something that
requires libgsf*.so.1) -- there have been cases worse than this.

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