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Re: Metadata Assignment Update (and a query for help)

On 21.01.2008 22:12, Michael Stahnke wrote:
> This is an update on the ability for the EPEL project to provide
> accurate package metadata to our contributors and users.  
> My idea now is to mirror CentOS and EPEL and throw them into one
> directory, run createrepo to get an SQLite DB made, then run repoview
> and have that for EL5.1+EPEL+EPEL-testing. (Same thing for 4).  If
> anybody has any better ideas, I would love to hear them.

I didn't follow the whole metadata dicsussion to closely.  But what you
outline seems to me a bit complicated/overdesigned on the first sight;
and using CentOS of course is fine, but is it still worth the work then?

I suppose CentOS provides some of the information you'd collect already,
so why should EPEL provide them as well/replicate that informations?
IOW: If we want to go the CentOS route then some docs that explain how
to gather the needed data with repoquery from the CentOS repos might be
the better way.

Than way the main thing left contributers might want to know are
informations about the exact contents from the differnt RHEL variants,
as for example the PPC variant of RHEL5 is only avilable as server and
thus lacks a few desktop packages. That's afaics something EPEL
contributers want to know.


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